Monday, December 11, 2006

A Season of Miracles

After doing not much of anything all Saturday long, I decided to curl up in our big cozy bed and just "rest my eyes". As most mom's know, this never lasts for very long because "they" always know where to find you. This time "they"meant Madelyn and my husband Dallan. First Dallan climbs in by me and soon Madelyn follows and she didn't come empty handed. She was armed with "The Mouse Before Christmas", and wanted me to read it to her. I told her that my eyes didn't feel good (that is what she tells us when she is tired) and that dad could read it to her. As Dallan started reading the book to her she looked down at me and asked "Mom, your eyes don't feel good? And I said no Madelyn mom is tired. She then took her little hand and started to pat my head and said it's okay mommy just go to sleep". So there I was curled up in my bed with two of the people I love most in this world, while the third one slept peacefully in his swing, and I just thought to myself how did I ever get this lucky? As I have reflected on this last year with all of its highs and lows I can't help but be reminded that our Savior truly is a God of miracles. From the moment of His conception to the time of His resurrection, His life was and continues to be a message of hope to each of us. In 2003 around this time of year Dallan and I were getting ready to take Madelyn to the temple to have her sealed to us. As I think back to that day and how indescribable it was to see her all dressed in white just staring at us as we were being sealed together as a family, I can't help but remember what a miraculous day that was. Soon after moving here to Washington Dallan and I were eager to get the paperwork in order so we could adopt another baby. As I was being set apart for a new calling in the ward I couldn't help but feel that this time the adoption wouldn't be as easy as it was with Madelyn. As time started to pass and we weren't hearing anything from the agency, my faith was beginning to be tested. In all honesty it waivered. We started looking at other options but none seemed possible. It had been a little over a year when from out of the blue we got a phone call. It was a Wednesday and I was busy making cinnamon rolls for a mutual activity that I was having at my house. I was running late of course and wasn't excited that I had to stop what I was doing to take a phone call. On the other end was our caseworker telling us there was a girl who saw our profile and wanted to meet us. She was due anytime and so we needed to move quickly, could we come to the office the next day? Three weeks later Jackson arrived and a few days after that he made his way to our home. He is a miracle. Both his and Madelyn's birth mothers are miracles. The way these two adorable red haired babies made their way to me and Dallan is miraculous. My life is full of miracles. I am so thankful for the love I feel for both our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful to know that I am valuable in their eyes and that the things that are important to me are also important to them. I am grateful they gave me the opportunity to be a mother and for allowing me to experience what it feels like to love and care for another person so completely. This holiday season as I reflect on all the many gifts that me and my family have been blessed with, I am most thankful for the tender mercies of our Savior and for the two miracles He has blessed me with. Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Need a little Christmas spirit?

The penguins claimed they didn't see anything, but everyone knew
Frosty had whacked Santa with his cane.

Nothing takes away the holiday spirit like a quick trip to Walmart. Well, that is what it was suppose to be....just a quick trip. My purpose was to go and get milk or at least that is the excuse I gave. The truth was I had been locked up all day and needed a break. What was I thinking when I decided that a trip to Walmart would calm my frayed nerves. Did I not think about the throngs of people in search for the perfect toy at bargain prices. Armed with carts these people aren't playing around. They will cut you off, push you out of the way, and stare you down if that's what it takes to get what they want . Approximately 45 minutes later I left Walmart with my milk and a Christmas CD with the song "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" on it for Madelyn. I know what you must be thinking first the Reindeer and now the Hippo song, this girl must love self-induced torture. I don't know perhaps I do. So on the way home I decide to take a little drive to look at all the Christmas lights with Madelyn. As I was driving and listening to Madelyn sing about not wanting Crocodiles and rhinoceroses I was reminded of mine and Dallan's first Christmas as a married couple. While dating I had never taken him home to the little town I grew up in and therefore he had never been to my mom's house. So there we were driving down the street when all of a sudden Dallan says "Will you look at that house, it looks like Christmas puked on the lawn", I quietly replied "Honey, that is my mom's house", he looked at me with a nervous little grin and said be quiet Mandee and I said no Dallan, that really is my house". By the way he would KILL me if he knew I had published this, but there is nothing like a little laughter at the expense of someone else. I do have to say that in my mom and step-dad's defense they were in the middle of decorating the lawn and hadn't quite gotten everything sorted out (so mom, please don't be mad at Dallan!).

I think I need to clarify that none of these are pictures of Christmas at my house!
By the way do you think these people know what they are getting this year for Christmas?