Thursday, November 05, 2009

Help us Celebrate!

I love November! Thanksgiving, putting up the Christmas decorations and above that November is National Adoption Month.

How lucky we are to be the parents of two amazing children. They are smart. They are healthy. They are beautiful. It is humbling to know I would not be who I am today if it were not for two remarkable women.
Madelyn and Jackson along with their birth moms are our greatest miracles.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Let's Stop the Madness....

As I was lying in bed last night I started thinking about how I often go for the easy route. Frozen pizza for dinner, riding when I could be walking, playing when I should be working. Sometimes the easy way is the best way especially when life gets hectic. But there are certain things in life when opting for a shortcut is just simply not okay.

As I was lying there I thought about the last time I "blogged". It had been forever. In fact it had been so long that most people don't even check to see if something new had been written. I asked myself why. Why did I stop filling in those friends and family who I don't get to see or speak to very often about what is happening in my life? And then it dawned on me....FACEBOOK. I had exchanged personal and most often heartfelt posts about what I was experiencing to one line tags that most people could care less about (I mean who really cares that I am doing the laundry or going to the grocery store). Is that what friends want to know now? Are we really ready to trade in meaningful conversation for real time updates on the ordinary and mundane things we do each day? This lead me to go to those blogs I use to read religiously. There are of course were a few who didn't let me down. I know I can always count on Emily for an enjoyable and often times inspiring look into her life. But for the most part our blogs had been abandoned. Traded in for less than fulfilling conversations.

For my part in this travesty (no, I don't think I am being too extreme here) I apologize. I am not saying that my blogs were always enjoyable or greatly written but at least they were honest. At least it provided a way for those people I love to share in my life. I am sad to say I don't feel CONNECTED anymore.

I am sitting here asking myself how did I allow this to happen. I am someone who LOVES and VALUES her friendships. I just don't want to know what someone is doing I want to know how they are FEELING, what they are EXPERIENCING. I want to be a part, even if it is just a small part of their lives. When did it become okay to trade in the good stuff for...FLUFF?

SO this is my attempt to stop the madness I helped to create. To those friends whose blogs I read sometimes DAILY...I am sorry I have missed out on your life...your thoughts. And for those that are perfectly content with real time I am okay with that too.

Now I think I will go on facebook and post that I have updated my blog. Maybe that is the only way someone will actually read this!