Monday, April 09, 2007

Our soon to be new home.....

After Looking at many houses this is the one we will soon call home. As much as I love this house and let me tell you I do LOVE it, I would trade it in an instant it it meant us staying here in Washington. And as much as we love the state of Washington we love our friends even more. But since I have no choice this will have to do......

The front of the house

The stairs going up to the family room

View from living room window

Basement family room

Hall Closet




Laundry Room
Master Bathroom
Front Entry
Laundry Room
Hope this gives you an idea of what it looks like. It really is beautiful inside and we both just love it. I wasn't sure about Rexburg but after making a verbal offer on another home in a different location I because sick at the thought of moving into it. So we told them we changed our minds and from there we went to look at this one. From the moment we stepped inside we just felt like it was the right place for our family. It isn't Washington and since I can't have what I want I will definately settle for this.
By the way there is lots of room for visitors!
Lots of love,