Friday, July 25, 2008

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

We're moving...No, we aren't...yes, we we're not....NO, NO really we are and we mean it this time. I feel like the girl who cried wolf. Perhaps you won't even believe us after so many false starts. But truly this is for real this time. Dallan gave his two/three week notice yesterday. There was no negotiating this time around, the deed is done so to speak. What changed our minds?? Last week Dallan called Palo Verde and explained we would be staying, they asked why, and he told them Basic had given him a raise in order to keep him here. They asked what we needed in order to make the move, Dallan gave them a number, Palo Verde thought it over and the next day they called and matched the offer Basic had given him. We took the weekend and seriously thought and prayed as to what decision would be best for our family and in the end we felt like we could take either job and be okay. Dallan has wanted to go into the nuclear industry since he got out of the Navy and now that he has been given a chance to try it out, we decided to throw caution or money to the wind and make the move. I say money because we are not sure how much we are going to have to lose in order to sell our home here. So please say a little prayer that it won't take years for us to get rid of this house! If anyone is interested in roasting yourself in the hot sun you are always welcome to come and visit. By the way the picture I posted makes me laugh because the day we decided to take the job I had run to the store for something and when I got back Dallan had changed everyone into their Arizona State attire.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And the Award Goes to....

Me! That's right the award for worst mom in the neighborhood goes to yours truly! If you are wondering why I deserve such an award let me list all the many things I did or didn't do today that warrant such high praise from the other mothers on the block....
1. I was not aware this adorable boy pictured here knows how to operate door handles. There I was having a moment of peace in the basement when all of a sudden I hear a soft spoken voice calling my name. I wondered who could that be? As I bounded up the stairs it hit me.... the silence I had been enjoying wasn't due to this little boy playing quietly upstairs. No, the silence was due to the fact that he had let himself out the side door and was busy outside chatting up the neighbors. And not just any neighbor, no that would have made it too easy. It had to be none other than...the neighborhood's "Mother of the Year". Now, I don't say that sarcastically either. This neighbor's house is clean every time I go over, even when she isn't expecting company. She is the kind of mom that never gets angry and any time you hear her talking to her kids it is always in this calm and completely patient voice. So not only does she find my adorable boy outside alone, she gets to come into my house and into the one room I didn't want anyone to see today...the kitchen. Great work Mandee!
2. Madelyn....see my lack of parenting skills doesn't just apply to one child. No...I firmly believe in equality when it comes to my lack of parental involvment. First thing this morning Madelyn asks if she can go to Libby's house. Libby is a friend of mine that lives almost directly behind us. She has all boys and none of them are Madelyn's age. For whatever reason she loves going to Libby's house. Last night she asked Libby if she could come over today and Libby graciously said yes. So off Madelyn went to her friend (and mine) Libby's house. A few minutes later Libby called to chat and I said so what is Madelyn doing? Oh she is just laying on the couch watching TV. Why does she want to go to someone elses house to watch TV when she could do it here? Then I learn that not only is my daughter sprawled out on Libby's couch but that she has informed her she is hungry and that she would like a ham sandwich please (at least she said please). The girl just ate two eggs at home and now she is asking the neighbor for a ham sandwich as though she hasn't eaten in days? What is going on here? After having been served brunch and watching a little tv she decides she wants to go to Keagan's house. At least Keagan is her age. After swimming Madelyn decides it is time to go home. When she makes it back I ask her if she is ready for some lunch to which she tells me "No, I am not that hungry mom". I said well that must be because Libby made you a ham sandwich and she said no I am not hungry because I had some carrots and a peanut butter sandwich at Keagan's house. So let me get this straight left here....went to the neighbors house....watched Elmo and had a ham sandwich....when you were done there you went to Keagan's.....upon your arrival you took a little dip in their pool, asked if Brenda (keagan's mom) could put some sunblock on you and thought it was okay to eat a few carrots and a peanut butter sandwich? Yes, mom that is right. Nice Mandee....REAL nice.
I could go on but I feel as though I have embarassed myself enough for one day. Now there is no need to thank me for making all of you feel extra good about the great jobs you are doing in raising your children. I am glad I could help you out. And remember when you are feeling insecure about how well you are doing as a mother....just come back and read this post and you will feel better instantly! Glad to be of service!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Everyone say POTATO!

Well it is official....we are now permenant residents of the great state of Idaho (at least for the time being). It was a tough decision but in the end the offer Basic American Foods gave Dallan was just too good to pass up. It is strange how things work. I wanted more than anything to move back closer to our families but for whatever reason it just didn't ever feel exactly right. I guess to me it is ironic that the one place I have been wanting so desperately to depart from over the last year turned out to be the place I ended up feeling the best about when the time finally came to make a decision. I am sad we are not going to be living near my family. I love them and I love the way they love, love, love our kids. That is the reason it makes me sad. My children adore their extended family and it would have been so much fun to raise them close to all the people who love them so much. But for some reason we are supposed to be here, at least for right now. And like my mom told me tonight....don't look back just be happy with the decision you guys made. So for what it's worth...Mom, Hannah, Beba, Aunt Jana, Aunt Susi and Uncle D(and the rest of the clan) we are really sorry!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Can you say.....

They made Dallan a counter offer yesterday and it was GOOD. But after MUCH talk we decided we were going to stick to our original plan and off to Arizona we would go. Dallan went to work this morning and called his boss and told him our decision wasn't based on money, that in fact should we stay here we were not looking for a raise but he was making the decision based on what was best for his future and also what was best for our family. His boss then told him would you be willing to meet with me and the Vice President of human resources tomorrow afternoon? Before you go we would like to give you an idea of the big picture so to speak and where you fit in as far as the future of this company is concerned. He then went on to tell him that he heard what Dallan said about not wanting any more compensation but that him and this other guy were going to make him an offer that would NOT be easy to say no to. So that is where we are as of right now. Dallan is meeting with them tomorrow at 3:30 and hopefully after that we will have a sure answer as to what we are going to do. Let me just add that I am about at a point where either an ulcer or a heart attack are a very real concern. For those that don't know this about me I HATE the unknown. This may come as a shock seeing as how I am not a planner, in fact I am the polar opposite of someone who likes to make plans. But not knowing what is happening scares the heck out of me and really just leaves me all out of sorts. So I guess it is to be continued for now.....

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A New Chapter is about to Begin....

The decision has been made and it looks as though the Lott family will soon be residing in Phoenix, Arizona. We are excited amd worried all at the same time. Excited by the fact we are doing something new and worried that we won't be able to sell our home here in Rexburg. Dallan has the unpleasant task of giving BAF his two weeks notice today. He was so nervous about it I don't think either of us went to bed until after 1:00AM. I keep waiting for the phone to ring to see how it all played out. I don't envy him that's for sure. So unless his current job gives him an offer we can't refuse it looks like we will be calling the Grand Canyon state our new home. I would ask you to come and visit but I will wait until the summer months are over. I mean who would want to come and visit with it is 115 degrees outside? Heck, I don't even want to go when it is literally hot as _ _ _ _! Wish us luck and pray that we will be able to sell this house! I suppose I should end this post with a TO BE CONTINUED just in case something new unfolds today. I will keep everyone updated!