Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And So It Begins.....

I think I have been holding out hope that our darling Madelyn would grow up to be well....socially awkward.
This would save us from so many things....mainly BOYS. She is BEAUTIFUL now and I am quite positive this attribute will only increase as she grows up (minus that weird age when all girls look gawky and strange). She has never been a "girly" girl. She doesn't like dolls, she likes dinorsaurs. She doesn't like dresses, she likes shorts and her sneakers. Her hair is ALWAYS in a ponytail because she doesn't like it curly. She is a perfect tomboy. A tomboy who likes to play with boys at recess but NOT a tomboy who "LIKES" boys. So here is the situation....a couple of weeks ago Miss Madelyn started talking non-stop about a boy we will call "C". It was C this and C that. And mom would you like to know all the things that C does for me at school? Sure, Madelyn...what does C do? Well he carries my books, he punches my homework ticket, and once mom I couldn't put on my necklace and he did it for me. OH BOY this does not sound good. After several more days of C this and C that Madelyn asks this question....Mom, what does the word C-R-U-S-H mean? Well Madelyn crush has several meanings. Why don't you tell me where you heard that word and I will tell you what it means. Okay...see mom...C's friend told me at recess that C has a crush on me. OH REALLY? Ya, so what does it mean? Well Madelyn it means that he likes you as a FRIEND. Oh, okay. Then Dallan discovers a tell-tell sign that this wasn't just your typical one way crush. The evidence? A box covered with hearts and C's name written all over it. They had a talk. The box was turned so the hearts couldn't be seen. Later that evening Madelyn comes in our room and says mom, I feel bad about drawing those hearts. I said its okay Madelyn. She said but mom I just can't stop thinking about that word. I said what word would that be Madelyn...CRUSH mom. I just can't stop thinking about it. And so it goes on. The word PLAY DATE has been BANNED from our vocabulary...courtesy of one FREAKED out DAD. And we are only in the SECOND GRADE.....YIKES.