Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hanging in There....

Mostly anyway! I will try VERY hard to post pictures soon. Especially Halloween. Madelyn decided she wanted to be Dorothy which means buddy is being forced to dress up as the scarecrow (he makes a terrible scarecrow...he is too cute to scare anyone). We had a dress rehersal and they looked adorable. Thanks everyone for checking up on me....I love you for it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two Words I Have Come to Loath

"WHAT IF" are just a few....

1. What if we can't sell our home in Idaho
2. What if we can't rent our home in Idaho
3. What if we run out of money and we can't pay both mortgages then what??
4. What if the housing prices increase and we missed an opportunity to buy a great house at a great price.
5. What if we never see a 5.5% interest rate again
6. What if we wait too long and then we can't afford to move into the neighborhood we want
7. What if the whole world goes to heck and no one can afford a home
8. What if the house in Idaho NEVER sells or no one EVER wants to rent it
9. What if we rent and waste all our money and then can't buy a house
10. What if we (me and the kids) just move back to Rexburg by ourselves
11. What if I go crazy because we can't make a decision...who will then raise our children?
12. What if we don't go and get our furniture now but end up needing it in a couple months? How will the movers get our stuff packed in all that snow?
13. What if a pipe breaks in the Rexburg house and no one is there to notice it

You think I am kidding but I AM NOT! That is just a sampling of the questions that have been asked OVER and OVER during the last few WEEKS. Same questions...same replies....I DON'T KNOW!!! So after ALL that drama and $3000 in earnest money we have decided NOT to buy the house on Evergreen. So long to tub and gas range and lastly (with a tear creeping down my face) I have to say farewell to the carpet that feels like clouds. I think we could have been happy together but the bottom line is...There were just too many WHAT IF'S!