Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's the End of an Era!

Say goodbye (at least for now) to young women's and hello to relief society. I promised myself when we finally bought a house and settled into a new ward I wouldn't complain about the calling I was given. Our first Sunday they were re-organizing the young women's organization and I thought...I think I will finally serve somewhere other than YW. But a few weeks later I was surprised to hear that I would be serving as the Beehive advisor. The only calling other than secretary that I have yet to experience. To be honest I was a little disapointed, but I tried to be happy and excited to just be a serving in our new ward. But the honest truth was as hard I tried I just felt burned out. I have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED being with the girls first in South Carolina, then in Arizona, and from there Washington, then on to Rexburg, and finally back to Arizona. In each of those places I have had experiences I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING. There have been girls who have amazed me with their talents, faith, and love for the Savior. There have been more than a few who I have laughed with and even more that I have cried with. I have seen some who have made big mistakes and yet had the strength of character to move forward and turn their lives completely around. There are many thatI am still in touch with today. Girls who are now married and some who have children of their own. Each of them along with all the women I have served with over the years have made me a better person, a better member of the church, a better friend, and a better mom. But I NEEDED a change. Since leaving Washington it has been REALLY hard for me to reach out and make friends and the thing is I NEED FRIENDS. Our Heavenly Father in His INFINITE wisdom knew this and knew that I wouldn't any time soon make an effort to get to know the sisters in our new ward. So He took matters into His own hands and made some changes.

As of last Sunday I am no longer in young women's but am now serving as 1st counselor in Relief Society. I am SO THANKFUL for the change. So THANKFUL that I am being pulled away from what I am comfortable with and into something that will be new and challenging. And even more THANKFUL that our Heavenly Father LOVES us and KNOWS what we need BEFORE we even know we NEED it.