Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My First Attempt

This is my first official attempt at blogging. As you can see this blog site is dedicated to my good friend Emily. During naptime when the house gets quiet for a moment and I have a little bit of "me" time I mentally go over the long list of things I should but instead make my way to the computer. With one click of the mouse I am transported to the mind of my good friend Emily. The name that graces her blogsite sums up just who she is....."Concrete Sequential", for those that don't understand just what that means please visit her page and prepare yourself to be entertained. I have to admit that I become almost giddy waiting for it to pop up so I can read her latest rant. I must say that the thought of writing down my thoughts for others to see actually worries me a little. Perhaps if or when my good friend reads this she will realize two things....the first is that I am a little more insane then she remembered me to be and second, I am not nearly as funny or as whitty as she is. So Emily, I am sorry if I dissapoint you!
The Christmas season has come upon us again. This year came with the anticipation of knowing that our three year old, Madelyn, would for the first time really get Santa Clause. So to start things off I went out and bought a Christmas classic....Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. She had seen the movie while we were home visiting family and since returning from our trip I had been asked countless times to sing the infamous song. She was so excited when I came home from the store with it and immediately wanted to watch it. We have been watching nothing else. So today while strolling the aisles at the store I came across the cutest little Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer plush toy. On his little ear was a tag that read "push here" which I did and at that point the toy came to life. His adorable red nose lit up and he started singing. I thought to myself Madelyn would love this and so in all my wisdom I purchased it. I was so excited driving home because I knew she would just go crazy over my latest buy. I showed her how to "push here" to turn it on and we are now coming up on 8 hours of me listening to Rudolph sing his tale of woe. I had just about had it when Madelyn walked into our office with the most dejected look on her face. I said Madelyn what is wrong which prompted her to hand Rudolph over to me while telling me that his nose was broken. Sure enough after careful inspection I found a large crack running down the length of poor Rudolph's nose. I asked her how the injury occured in which she replied it just broke. I knew this couldn't be the whole truth and remembered vaguely watching her put the little red nose into her mouth. I then asked her if she had bit Rudolph's nose. She shook her head yes and with tears coming down her cute cheeks said I don't want him anymore. This was the moment I had been waiting for all day. I could at this point just tell her that he wasn't good anymore and that would be the end of Rudolph's miserable life. However, I just couldn't ignore the distraught look on her face and so I said it's okay Madelyn his nose still lights up, he isn't broken. And like magic those few words fixed the problem and even as I put the last few words to this little story I am being serenaded by none other than Rudolph the Cracked Nose Reindeer. And as annoyed as I am at the moment I can't help but smile at Madelyn as she sits here singing along with her good friend the reindeer. Isn't Christmas great?


Heather J said...

Mandee, this was AWESOME!! If everyday is like this you should write a book! What a crack up. I can totally see Madelyn with that little reindeer, and even better I can see you having to listen to it! BOO HOO HA HA (pardon the evil laugh)
Looking forward to tomorrow's!

emma jo said...

I AM OVERJOYED WITH TEARS!! Let me be the first geek to officially welcome you to the blogosphere...life is beautiful out here...(geeky enough?) OK, I am so so so excited that you have someplace where I can read about you and your family on a regular basis--that means you have to keep writing, regularly!!
I can't wait for the time when we will get to meet Madelyn as a more "grown up" child, I just want to pull her curls more than anything!
Sorry for the long comment, I'm just so dang excited!
Keep on!!

Lexi said...

Mandee, I had no idea what a writer you are! You shouldn't blog, you should be a journalist.

That's coming from someone who doesn't do a whole lot of complimenting.

Is that heather james responding? I miss you heather!

Lexi said...


I made my own blog.

mandee said...

How do i find your site Lexie? Only three weeks until you are home hip-hip horray! Emma Jo was right....this is fun!

mandee said...

Oh and for all those that would like to take a look at the person who inspired me (Emily otherwise known as Emma Jo), you can find her blog at
squeezescharmans.blogspot.com! Get ready to be entertained!

Bridgett said...

Hey Mandee,
I agree with everyone on here that says you should be doing something more than just blogging. You should start a story of Madalynn's and Jacksons life. Their grand adventures. This was such a good blog, I decided to make one myself.
I love you Mandee and I can't wait until Christmas!!!

Suebee said...

Mandee, it's so great to hear what's going on in your life. I will look forward to your blogs like I do Emily's. Can't wait to hear more.
Susan Forsgren

Abby said...

Is that perfect looking child real? I mean, really? Look at her! Shirley Temple, step aside! Does she sing? Dance? Get that girl an agent! (You didn't want her to have a childhood, did you?)

mo said...

Welcome to blogging. Prepare to loose hours every day! I loved reading about your ABSOLUTELY DARLING little girl and her reindeer tragedy. You are one patient mom!

Sherri said...

Mandee, Mandee.
I just got a free chance to check out your handy work, and my oh my are you handy! I could just picture everything you were saying. Thanks for sharing your site. You are a great Mom.
and Hey Lexi, we miss you cannot wait to see you home soon.