Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Don't Say It Enough!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! Each of you in some way has helped me to become a better person and therefore a better mom, so thank you for being there, especially when it looked as if motherhood would never happen for us. I love you more for that then you will ever know. With that being said.....I woke up this morning long after the kids had gotten up (thank you Dallan), he had bathed them, ironed their clothes for church, and was getting ready to feed them. He remembered to get cards and of course yummy treats. As I was in the bathroom blow drying my hair I realized that these things occur on a regular basis. Every Saturday he gets up with the kids and lets me sleep, even though all week he has to get up earlier than me. Cooking meals and cleaning the kitchen isn't something that happens once a year, it happens all the time and taking care of the kids so I can have a break happens every day when he comes home from work. It was at that moment when I realized just how lucky I am. Lucky to have a husband who loves me and a husband who adores his children. And on this Mother's Day I am lucky to realize that his love and appreciation doesn't come around once a year but every day.


Sherri said...

Mandee you are lucky! Dallan is very thoughtful :)

Suebee said...

I love it when my friends have great husbands. I have one and think everyone should, but some people just aren't as lucky as we are. Good for you for giving him credit. I love it.

Andria Laws said...

I'd have to agree with are very, very, very lucky. (: My mother's day was wonderful too but unlike you it is something that (in it's entirety)only happens once a year. Dallan is wonderful. Give him a big hug!

emma jo said...

Wait, ironing clothes for Sunday? You must be really classy people...I usually just put us all in things that don't have to be ironed, or things that look good wrinkly. Happy Mother's Day!! Dallan is a good guy!

Heather said...

Mandee, I only want to read posts that have my name in them!

LOL just kidding~
Dallan is great! And what makes it even nicer is you know it! I think that is a real gift, realizing your blessings and counting them too!

Happy Mother's day, and I am glad you are taken care of so well!