Saturday, August 16, 2008

Five Already???

That was then....

.......This is now

Happy Birthday Madelyn!!! It doesn't seem like it was five years ago that your dad and I got a phone call that changed our lives forever. As your dad and I drove to Florida to meet you, I kept thinking how was it possible that my baby girl has entered this world and I don't even know what she looks like. I think the night before I meet you was perhaps the longest night of my life. Morning couldn't come fast enough and when it finally did your dad and I knelt down once again and pleaded with our Heavenly Father that perhaps this time our dream of becoming parents would come true. And then....there you were in all your cuteness. I couldn't take my eyes off of you and your dad....well your dad couldn't stop crying. We loved you from the moment we laid eyes on you. Then the question....what was your name going to be? Madelyn Elizabeth Lott. I am so thankful your birth mom got to share in that decision and I am thankful a part of your name is also a part of hers. Speaking of Stephanie...I can't talk about you without thinking about her. What an amazing "first mom" you had. Your dad and I love her so much and words could never adequately express the gratitude we feel for her and for the sacrifice she had to make.

Since that day you have filled our home with such incredible love and happiness. There are moments when I look into your face and feel just overwhelming joy that I was chosen to be your mother. So on your 5th birthday I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I love you so much.....

1. You have a kind heart. You hate to see other people sad or upset andI love the way you come to other peoples defense when they are in trouble.

2. You tell good jokes! I love that you laugh at your own jokes!

3. You love to tease your dad. This is something he has taught you how to do and it is something you have learned VERY well.

4. You are smart. I love to read books and it makes me so happy that you love books as much as I do.

5. You are confident. Whether it is dancing or sharing your testimony in church, you aren't afraid to get up in front of people and I love that about you.

6. I love to hear you pray.

7. You are not afraid to try new things. When you wanted to take your training wheels off your bike you bugged and bugged dad until he did it. You practiced every day until you could do it. Even after falling once or twice you didn't give up. We just put a band-aid on your knee and you got right back on. I love that about you.

8. I love that you try very hard to always do what is right.

9. I love that you still like to cuddle with me.

10. You have the best imagination. I could listen to you pretend play all day long and I love that you get mad when I ask you who you are talking to. You always tell me in that frustrated I am not talking to you!

So once again...Happy Birthday Madelyn, we love you baby girl.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Madelyn!

emma jo said...

What a happy day indeed. Happy Birthday Madelyn!!

snbjork said...

Happy Birthday, Madelyn! (Sorry it's late, I tried to leave a comment on Saturday, but my internet was acting up and it wouldn't let me)

P.S. Mandee, you and your family should make a little teeny tiny detour to Alabama on your way down to Arizona! I mean, we're hardly out of your way, right?! =)

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday Madelyn!

Mandee, to quote sully, you are the best Mom Ever!

Valerie said...

Oh, how time flies! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Madelyn!!

Neas Nuttiness said...

What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl! I've been working my little fingers to the bone, and the album is almost ready! I'll email you when I put it in the mail! It's been fun looking over the pictures of all the kids (and their kids), and trying to see them through someone else's eyes. I hope that you all will enjoy it.
Love Libby