Friday, August 01, 2008

I Have Been Tagged.....

Sorry folks not too interesting but here it is anyway.....

Ten years ago…

Let’s see that would make me 29….okay only in my dreams! That would have been when I was what 22?

Getting my life back in order. Believe it or not that is about all I was doing ten years ago. After many years of making poor choices and keeping a far distance from all things church, I had finally found (better yet, they found me) some wonderful people who helped me get back on my feet and back into a church building. A somewhat impossible task at the time. Little did I know several months later I would be preparing to go on a mission.

Five things on today’s “to do” list

I don’t make lists! But if I did make lists, today mine would have completely consisted of cleaning my house. Tomorrow is the day the realtors walk through our house and give feedback on what we need to do to sale it. Someone going through my house without me being there and getting critiqued on what my house should look like….two things that make me sick to my stomach.

Five snacks I enjoy

Kettle Chips
Popcorn (preferable caramel, and not the hard stuff either…I love the gooey kind)
Chips and Salsa or Chips and guacamole (I’m talking about good homemade salsa)
Peanut M&M's
(I could list healthy stuff but what fun is that?)

Five things I would do if I was a millionaire…

Adopt lots of babies
Build my dream house and have it professionally decorated
Help out my family and friends
Plan and pay for the best girls week anyone has every seen. All of you would be invited of course
And then I would do some responsible things such as pay off our bills, put money away for retirement, college funds, etc, etc. But if I am going to dream…I just want to dream of the fun stuff and not about bills or long distance relatives who suddenly love me and want my money.

Five places I have lived…

Maryland/Washington DC
South Carolina
Washington State


Sherri said...

Nice! I love the new pictures.

Andria Laws said...

Hi Mandee, I haven't been blogging much lately, it's been a busy summer. Anyway, I love the new look of your blog and am having fun catching up on what's been new with you and your family.
Love you.

Heather said...

I like that you put build your dream house AND have it professionally decorated.

That really seems to be the key!

Oh, and seriously when I read "chips & salsa" or "chips & guacamole" I salivated. Totally agree on the homemade salsa too!

I'm sure with your families restaurant you KNOW good salsa!

(If I'm being perfectly honest, I am a little jealous that you have a mexican restaurant in your family. That's like a little piece of heaven all to yourself!)

Last thing, I think you should try/start making lists. It's actually really fun. I treat myself to pretty paper & fine point sharpie markers when I am in list mode. It helps me to get more done, and not forget things, especially consolidating errands. (Sometimes I do just use a crayon & a paper bag though too. Don't get me wrong. It's still me.)

Oh and I love the look of the blog. I had to change mind. It felt way to busy to me. Made me (more) crazy.

See you soon!

Heather said...

WOW that was freudian.

Change "mind". I meant to say...I had to change mine. LOL!!