Friday, November 28, 2008

They Came....They Saw....They Offered....And....

We laughed! After months of waiting for an official offer to come our way we finally had some serious lookers. We got a call from our realtor a few days before Thanksgiving. There was a family who was interested in our house and they had already been by to see it several times. He warned me...don't get your hopes up but how can you keep from doing that? So we waited by the phone and we waited and we waited. official offer!

1. $5,000 below the listed price (that is after we dropped the price $30,000 from the time we initially listed it)
2. $7,000 in closing costs
3. Dining Room Table
4. Kitchen Barstools
5. Kitchen Rugs (4 total)
6. Living Room Curtains
7. 2 Living Room Decorative Wall Hangings
8. Entry Table along with the matching End Table

It never hurts to ask right????

UPDATE: We made a counter offer and are now waiting to hear back from them. They want to close by December 17th so that should make the waiting process a little less painful. We will keep you updated.


Heather said...

Mandee take it as a total compliment to your fabulous taste, that they want they want your furnishing!

And as long as you are giving stuff away, I have always admired your lemon tree and cannisters.

Just mentioning.... :)

Keep us informed!

Mandee said...

Heather those were in the garage sale pile if you want them!

Neas Nuttiness said...

We will hope with you AND keep you in our prayers. Last year after months and months of waiting for our house to sell (and paying two mortgages)we closed on the 21st of December. It made Christmas that much sweeter! - In todays market, the offer you got is probably a good deal. Our's sold for $62,000below our initial asking price, (which was about $30,000 below what we could have listed if for 12months earlier - without the $35K in remoldeling - so our total loss was about $124,000. OUCH!)

Look at it this way - you might lose some on this end, BUT It's a buyers market, so who knows what kind of a GREAT deal you'll get when you're ready to buy!

PS Steph's up in New York - Steve and I think that he might "Pop the Question" when he takes her to Niagra Falls...we can only hope, right?)

Mandee said...

Yes....we can certainly Hope!!

Tiffany Jones said...

Wow Mandee! I hope everything works out!

Misty said...

geez, why didn't they ask you to stock the cupboards with food while you were at it?

Andria Laws said...

I can't believe they asked for all that stuff!