Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Joys of Camping....

For those that REALLY know me, you know I am not a camper. There are many aspects of camping I don't necessarily enjoy. It is my opinion that camping is a chore, a production where everything from making breakfast to using the bathroom is work. But Dallan talked me into it. He said camping creates memories for your children and I want to go and create some memories...so I relented...and here are some of our best moments....
1. Our camp site - We camped at Cave Springs up in Sedona. Our camp site backed up to a creek where the kids found this rope swing. It was one of their favorite things to do.

2. Our trip to slide rock - This was Madelyn and Jackson's favorite off site activity we did. They had an absolute blast and were not afraid to slide, swim, or jump!
3. Our trip to see the Indian cliff dwellings at Walnut Creek Park - Madelyn spent a good portion of her second grade year studying Native American tribes, so this was right up her alley. After going all Jackson wanted was to meet a "real" Native American.
Madelyn by a very cool looking Juniper tree.
Hanging out in one of the many cliff dwellings there.
4. Our trip to Bearizona - In mine and Dallan's opinion this was a waste of $50, but the kids had a good time.
This was one of the black bears we saw from the car window as we drove through the zoo. The kids appropriately named him "tubby".
Classic Jackson! He came up with that pose all on his own.
Their Bearizona tattoos!
5. Our hiking trip to Devils Bridge - The kids didn't love the hike. It was hot and it was uphill, oh who am I kidding I didn't love the hike either but the end was worth the effort.
The beginning of the trail head.
The top of the sandstone arch.
More from the top.
6. Making friends - Our camp site was full every night which meant new friends to play with everyday. The kids had such a good time making clubhouses, going fishing with their little nets, and exploring the creek with their new BFF's. Jackson wouldn't slow down long enough to get a picture with him and his little buddy. But I will say he was the social butterfly of Cave Springs. If he wasn't going camp site to camp site looking for someone to play with, he was pillaging for food. The boy has no shame when it comes to eating.
In conclusion...I have to agree with Dallan...we did create some great family memories. I still think camping is hard work and sometimes I don't want a vacation to be hard work, but this time around I was thankful Dallan talked me into it. We had a GREAT time!


Tryon said...

Loved your pictures!!!

Randi said...

Looks like tons of fun to me....but then again, I LOVE camping! I'm glad you were able to create some fun memories. I can't believe how much your kids have grown up!

Beeks by the Lake said...

I love your photos and I love that you are blogging again. It's so great to keep in touch even though you are far away. You are welcome to camp with us anytime. Even in the summer we take our Kelty below 0 sleeping bags although I sleep with my feet sticking out of the bottom. Tell me more about your summer plans. I can't remember the dates and where to meet you.

Emma Jo said...

I'm with you on the camping thing but it is always worth it in the end. It looks like you had a great time, and way more gorgeous and fun than the camping I have done!

These Small Hours said...

What a great camping trip. That slide rock looks like a ton of fun....

Aaron is the "events coordinator in our family." He always wants to go somewhere and do something fun on weekends. Sometimes he drives me crazy with his ambitious adventure plans because he packs so much fun into a day. But frequently we have a great time and I always come back feeling more grateful than annoyed at his adventurous nature.

Tiff said...

My camping trips are never that fun or beautiful. Your kids are so stinkin' cute!!

jaesi said...

oh my gosh- I want to go with you next time. we will rent an rv and have hair straighteners and blow dryers and eat m&ms while we watch movies.
the boys can camp in tents :)