Monday, August 08, 2011

Oh the Memories...

As I was unloading the dishwasher my thoughts suddenly turned to Josh & Jen Carter. You may be wondering why I would think of this family while doing something as ordinary and boring as emptying the dishwasher so let me tell me why...We spent many nights at the Carter home having dinner and usually when we were all done Josh would do the dishes. And when Josh is loads the dishwasher he separates all the utensils into their individual categories. Spoons all go in one bin, forks in another, and so on and so forth. Now the utensils just aren't gathered up and thrown in the bin but he turns them so they are all going the same direction. Some of you may be thinking this is a little extreme, and I have to admit I initially thought that myself but try it once and you will discover that it makes unloading the silverware MUCH easier. Thank you Josh Carter.
So that got me thinking...this happens to me a lot. I will watch something, eat something, or hear a certain song I remember someone. A friend, a person who means something to me, a person I haven't seen in a while and miss having in my life. So without further are some of my favorite memories. I would love it if you posted one of yours and it does NOT have to be a memory that includes me.
Clark & Emily Scharman...Chinese food, root beer, and Survivor.
Dick and Joyce Ekstrand...Chocolate, Baskin Robbins, Red Hot & Blue, and missionary sandwich hugs.
Lexi Magnusson...I can't drink a Mountain Dew or eat a chocolate Whopper (you know I had to specify otherwise you would think we hit up the burger king frequently) without thinking of her fondly.
Heather James...Nachos, ladies nights, prom dresses & police cars, and diet coke with lime.
Andria Laws...Every time I sweep the floor I giggle to myself. If you want to know just ask her about the time she got frustrated and went for the broom.
Nicole Kunzler...Wendy's Frosties.
Sherri Marks...Take 5 candy bars. Because of her I am now addicted. Or was that Heather's favorite. I just remember going to the mall with those two girls and being introduced to them. Now I am hooked.
Bernice Tooley....gallon jugs of milk. LOVE it and her!
Susan Forsgren....two words....SECURITY OFFICERS.
Jessica Washburn...Lime Cheesecake, and other yummy treats.
Laura Vanderbeek - Bike rides, walks in the rain, and Amish delights.
Oh I could go on and those that I wasn't that I forgot but this post can only be so long.
PLEASE tell me some of your memories of some of your favorite people...NOT including ME!


Lexi said...

So we're not allowed to talk about you? That sucks. Because I was going to give away a secret I've been keeping for years...I don't usually sleep in just my underwear. I only did that one time because I got a kick out of making you a little uncomfortable. AHAHAHAHAHAA.

Yesterday at church Mary Thorley was trying to wrangle her kids by herself (her husband is in the bishopric) and was bored of it. She came and sat by my in the foyer (Casey was having one of those days) and I watched as Gracie, her youngest, was pulling on an eisel with a poster on it. At that point, I was expecting Mary to do the "let's look like a good mom" thing and go and tell her to stop. In stead, she turns to me and says, "I hope it falls on her!" I almost peed my pants. Mary is nothing if not totally authentic. She was right, too. No amount of telling her daughter 'no' was going to do the trick like letting the natural consequences happen. It didn't though.

Emma Jo said...

Ha! I know Mary too! Seriously, you can't tell me to think of a memory and have it not include you. I have lots of good ones with people but when I think of you guys I think of Pinesol, all the things you said, green bean casserole and stolen/repurposed/orange traffic cones. :)

Mandee said...

Dallan and I were cracking up the other night talking about the orange traffic cone! And Lexi....I always sleep in my underwear and was very thankful you allowed me to do so that night. I have REALLY good friends!

Tiff said...

When I see Christmas Trees I think of you. You had the most gorgeous Christmas Tree I had ever seen in my life. I had never seen one all the same color with store bought matching bulbs & ribbons. I always grew up with homemade ornaments and had NEVER even thought to wrap ribbon around one, until you. And a TREE SKIRT?!?! We grew up using an old white twin sheet! You introduced me to beautiful and fancy things. :)

Beeks by the Lake said...

Great memories girl! You make that walk in the rain sound so delightful - if only people knew. But it is a good memory. I have 3 super large umbrellas now. Every time I see a baby blanket with a crocheted edge I think of you. Every time I see a redhead I think of you and your children. And when my daughter asks what happens when your bike tire interlocks with the bike tire of the person in front if you I have to tell her scary it can be. And whenever I meet someone who makes friends easily and is filled with humility and kindness, I think of you.

Mandee said...

Now you are embarassing me....that's why I said NONE of me! But I truly have the best memories of some of the greatest people in the world. True statement.

Mandee said...

Tiffany I remember visiting teaching with you....or is that my imagination??

Suebee said...

I love you Mandee. Jay and I a both laughed and then both felt mildly guilty for having called security on you all. :)